International Medical Wellness Association Expert Advisors

The Medical Wellness Advisors and Advisory Board include experts in medicine, complementary health, alternative-integrative therapies, psychology, physiology, wellness, imaging, gerontology, longevity, performance, sports medicine, health promotion, coaching, fitness, nutrition, assessments and research. Advisors provide professional expertise and are instrumental in review of standards, guidelines, programs, research, publications, trainings and future planning for the Association.

MWAAdvisor    MWDDiplomat   MWFFaculty

Dr. Mamdouh El - Araby, MD
CEO, Chairman of the Board, El Araby Hospital
Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Sadek Abdelaal, M.D.
Founder & President, Peacediatrics, Child Healthology
Cairo, Heliopolis, Egypt

Dr. Francis Acunzo, Ph.D.
Founder & President, The Medical Spa Society
Branford, Connecticut

Dr. Ralf Adam, Ph.D.
Clinical Director, German Innovation Center
Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany

Imane Adel, MBA
Senior Director, Business Development, Monami Tech
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Kathleen Akin, D.C. BCSC
Medical Director, Quality Care
Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Samuel Alawieh, Pharm. D
Founder & CEO, RXNB LTD
Royal Oak, Michigan

Kailin Alberti, M.S., FACW
Wellness Coordinator, Active Health Management
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dr. Judd Allen, Ph.D.
President, Human Resources Institute
Burlington, Vermont

Mike Alpert, MWF
President & CEO, The Claremont Club
Claremont, California

Brent Anderson, PhD., PT, CPT
President, Polestar Physical Therapy
Miami, Florida

Bryan Andrus,
COO, US Specialty Labs
San Diego, California

Dan Ansel, M.A.
Founder & President, Private Health News
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dr. Vivek AR,
Executive Director, Medical & Wellness Travel
Muscat Governorate, Oman

Dr. Donald Ardell, Ph.D.
Director, SeekWellness
Concord, New Hampshire

Dr. Michael Arloski, Ph.D.
Founder, Real Balance Global Wellness
Fort Collins, Colorado

Brent Arnold, M.S., FAWHP
Director, Reach Sports Group
Eugene, Oregon

Dr. Sam Axelrad, M.D.
Partner, Ret.,, HMU Medical Center
Houston, Texas

Dr. Rolando Balburias, M.D.
Medical Director, The Medical Center
Manila, Philippines

Dr. Andy Baldwin, MD
U.S. Navy Family Physician, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
Alexandria, Virginia

Bill Baldwin, MBA, CMPE
Vice President Clinic Operations, Ascension Health
Richland, Washington

Dr. William Baun, Emeritus, EPD, FAHWP
Wellness Coach, Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas

Marion Becker, MBA
Founder, Marketing-Beraterin
Bad Durkheim, Germany

Holli Beckwith,
Vice President, Art of Living & Spa Concepts
Austin, Texas

Dr. James Bell, Ph.D.
International Fitness Professional Association
Tampa, Florida

Dr. Joel Bennett, Ph.D.
Founder, Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems
Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. Jeff Bensky, Ph.D.
Founder & Principal, JMB Associates
St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Reinhard Bergel, Ph.D.
President, Spa-Kur Therapy Physical Rehabilitation Center
Bonita, California

Dr. Silvia Binder, ND, Ph.D.
President, Ondamed, Binder Institute
Schwanau, New York , Germany

Rolf Binder,
Founder, Ondamed Companies
Schwanau, Germany

Amy Blansit, M.A., CWD, FACW
American College of Wellness
Springfield, Missouri

Dr. Hal Blatman, MD
Medical Director, Blatman Medical Services, Health & Wellness Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

Bruce Blausen, M.A.
CEO & Founder, Blausen Medical Communications
Houston, Texas

Todd Born, ND
Medical Director & Naturopathic Doctor, Allergy Research Group
Alameda, California

Nima Bousheri,
Founder, Zomo Health
Houston, Texas

Christi Bowling, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD
Founder, Prime Wellness
Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Craig Brandman, M.D.
CEO, StepOneHealth and CMO, MyMedLab
Palo Alto, California

Crystal Breaux,
Wellness Life Purpose Coach, Created Woman Foundation
Beaumont, Texas

Dr. Christopher Breuleux, Ph.D., FAWHP, FACW
President, Medical Wellness Association
Houston, Texas

Loren Brink,
CEO, HealthPointe Solutions, Inc.
Austin, Texas

Dr. Jeff Brizzolara, Ph.D., MPH, MBA
Chief Operating Officer, Wellthy
New York, New York

Robert Brosmer, M.S.
COO, Y of Central Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Peter Brown, Ph.D.
CEO, Wellness Management
London, England

Regina Brugh,
Functional Medicine Genetic Clinician, Medical Solutions
Austin, Texas

Ed Buda,
President, Lakeshore Medical Fitness
Aurora, Illinois

Meri Bura, M.D.
COO, General Manager, Holistic Center Mulier
Zagreb, Croatia

Micheal J. Burt,
Founder & CEO, Micheal Burt Enterprises
Franklin, Tennessee

Dr. Steve Byrum, PhD.
President & CEO, Byrum Consulting Group & Judgment Index
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Violeta Laura Cadariu, MA
General Manager, Asset System
Bucharest, Romania

Tom Campanaro,
President & CEO, EFI Sports Medicine
San Diego, California

Carmen Silvia Grubert Campbell, Ph.D.
Exercise Physiologist Reseacher, Catholic University of Brasilia
Taguatinga, Brazil

Jeffrey Campbell,
Founder & President, Vesuvius Press Wellness Education
Phoenix, Arizona

Coloma Muro Carceller, MSc, PgD
Psychologist, Coach, Nutrition and Dietetics
Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Hyla Cass, M.D.
Author & Integrated Medicine Physician, Integrative Medicine
Pacific Palisades, California

Dr.Valentina Catherine, N.D.
Wellness Doctor & Manager, Luthan Hotel & Spa
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Pascal Cecchetti,
Founder, CEO, ASKALYSS® Sport-Health-Wellness
Paris, France

Laura Celoria,
Director of Spa, Kerzner International, Mazagan Spa Resort
Mazagan, Morocco

Annie Chang,
Marketing Director, Cynosure, Sculpsure
Austin, Texas

Dr. Nathan Chang, O.D., Ph.D
CEO, Chi Change Enterprise
Taipei, Taiwan

Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi,
President, Amaya International
Mumbai, India

Stephen Cherniak, MBA
Health Management Consultant, Marsh & McLennan Agency
Antlanta, Georgia

Delia Chiaramonte, M.D.
President, Insight Medical Consultants
Baltimore, Maryland

Scott Chovanec, MS, MA, MBA, MWF, FAWHP
President, Scott Chovanec & Associates, Inc.
Highland Park, Illinois

Laurie Cingle, M.A.
President, Consulting and Coaching
Cleveland, Ohio

Kevin Clair, FAWHP
President, Health Solutions