Medical Wellness Consultation Services

Over the course of the past decades, MWA and our Medical Wellness Advisors have had the unique opportunity to consult with hundreds of American and International companies and businesses. From Fortune 50 companies, to hospital systems, to small businesses, to educational institutions, MWA has helped organizations to solve complex problems, provide market research and branding, new program and facility development, data analysis, feasibility studies, review of financials, outcomes, clinical research, and achieve medial wellness professional acceptance, certification and health objectives.

We see multiple fundamental areas where MWA Consultation services can be beneficial and effective for your business.

For Corporations Interested in Medical and Wellness Integration:

  • Determining what wellness programs will work for your corporate culture
  • Identifying Partners, Successful Programs, Services and Solutions
  • Implementing Initial Wellness
  • Designing and Developing Facilities and Programs

For Corporations with Employee Wellness Programs:

  • Measuring Results and Return on Investment
  • Analyzing Communication and Engagement
  • Evaluating and Measuring the Program
  • Analyzing whether you have the right programs and vendors in place for your corporate culture

For Corporate Health and Medical Wellness Companies/Service Providers:

  • Determining Feasibility of a new wellness service or product
  • Analyzing the success of your current wellness service/product
  • Increasing Employee or Participant Engagement and Utilization

MWA Consulations and Consulting Services

Through MWA Consultancy Services, we help set your Health and Wellness goals on the right track. Where there are opportunities for growth and improvement, we fill it.MWA Consultants can help by providing professional advice and assistance in multiple areas:

1. Strategic Planning, Corporate Training, Branding and Visioning
2. Developing and Integrating Medical and Wellness Programs Securing and Implementing Resources such as Medical Wellness & Health Assessments, Wellness is Medicine Campaigns, Professional Acceptance & Public Relations-Press Conferences
3. Developing New Medical Wellness Programs, Products & Services
4. Designing Marketing and Communications Campaigns Resources & Materials
5. Developing & Implementing Medical Wellness Programs & Facilities
6. Evaluating Outcomes and Determining Return-On-Investment
7. Providing Financial-Budget Analysis, Accounting, Auditing & Forecasting
8. Improving Participation, Outcomes, Compliance & Revenues
9. Provide Medical Wellness/Staff Training, Certification and Credentialing Consulting
10. Program, Facility & Staffing Evaluations, Partnering & New Business Alliances

Securing MWA Medical Wellness Consultation Services

The MWA consultation for your company, hospital or organization is simple and straightforward. For many groups, one or two Skype or teleconference sessions are helpful. For complex concerns, an in-depth relationship will be established through multiple sessions. In this circumstance, an initial call will be generated to assess the specific needs and the expertise and resources necessary to address the issue. After this, a protocol will be established to keep the project moving forward. Again, by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, it is reasonable to assume that beneficial outcomes will be achieved. Pricing for individual consultation for your organization will be assessed through a hourly rates unless a more formal consulting relationship is recommended. In this circumstance, an acceptable project fee for desired services will be agreed upon by both parties.

Questions? We’ll be Glad to Assist!

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